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Our Company

Asamalab, established in February 2008, is a privately funded full service electronics design and prototyping company, located in Japan's picturesque Nagano prefecture.
Company is named after the active Asama-yama stratovolcano (2568m), which rules the landscape of eastern Nagano prefecture together with Yatsugatake mountain range.

Our Valued Customer

We aim to be the best choice for customers that are looking for solutions to their demonstration, characterization, instrumentation and testing problems.
Our unique compound of design and prototyping expertise allows us to deliver full-custom solutions quickly and economically - while exceeding customer's expectations.
Typically our customer is an industry or a university research laboratory, individual inventor or a high technology company. No project is too small for us. We deliver globally.

Our recent or current customers are:

We are looking forward to including you and your company to our fabric of fine customers.

Our Mission Statement

To provide customers with high quality customized solutions offering short lead-time, low cost, and flexible service.

We constantly seek opportunities to include green values into our operations, our products and our environment. Values include, but are not limited to; waste and material recycling, minimum carbon footprint, volunteer activity and renewable energy utilization.

Our Site Disclaimer

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