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Design services

Board We have a long track record of design projects having a wide spectrum of specifications, work flows, schedules and novelty. We can offer our design expertises especially to the following technology areas:

Rapid prototyping

Picture of a device Asamalab is specialized to rapid electronics prototyping. With in-house design and machining tools, verified solutions and large component stock, we are able to deliver one-off prototypes and customized systems with very short lead time.

We can develop custom electronic devices and systems featuring, but not limited to, complex digital circuitry, high performing analog blocks, embedded intelligence with microcontrollers, connectivity (e.g. USB, Bluetooth), portability and energy efficiency, all wrapped with a stylish casing, if required. Possible accompanied software is designed to be user friendly.

If you are, for example:
We might be able to help you.

Every new project initiative begins with feasibility evaluation and rough specification drafting together with the customer. That part is usually cost free and does not tie the customer to anything. For all correspondence, confidentiality is assured, even in a case that the process does not lead to a further action. We do not use the customer contact information for further marketing activities (e.g. spam).